Australian Music Examinations Board Tasmania

Music Fees

Music Fees 2018 (including GST) (printable version PDF 70KB)

Grade Exams Instrumental/Singing/
Musical Theatre/
Recital Exams  
Leisure Series: Piano, Singing, Saxophone Theory of Music Musicianship Music Craft
P Plate Piano $48.00     
Preliminary $84.00 $82.00    Online
First $91.00 $89.00 $70.00 $70.00 Online
Second $98.00 $96.00 $74.00 $74.00 Online
Third $105.00 $103.00 $77.00 $77.00 Online
Fourth $112.00 $110.00 $81.00 $87.00 Online
Fifth $119.00 $117.00 $87.00 $92.00 $89.00
Sixth $126.00 $124.00 $90.00 $97.00 $94.00
Seventh $136.00 $134.00   
Certificate $183.00$181.00   
Diploma ExamsInstrumental/Singing/
Musical Theatre  
(Theory of Music/Musicianship)
Teaching DiplomasPracticalWritten
Certificate Teacher$186.00 per section$141.00* per section
Associate Teacher$205.00 per section$146.00* per section
Licentiate Teacher$415.00$166.00* per section

*  In the case of these examinations in sections, the fee payable when lodging an entry is in respect of the section(s) to be attempted in the current examination year.

Ensemble PerformancePractical
Grades 1-4$176.00 per ensemble
Grades 5-8$225.00 per ensemble
AMusA and LMusAFee details available from AMEB State Office
Contemporary Popular Music (CPM)Practical 
Bass, Drum Kit, Guitar and Vocal:Advancing Steps 1-4$112.00
 First Grade$91.00
 Second Grade$98.00
 Third Grade$105.00
 Fourth Grade$112.00
 Fifth Grade$119.00
 Sixth Grade$126.00
 Seventh Grade$136.00
 Eighth Grade$146.00
 Certificate of Performance$183.00