Australian Music Examinations Board Tasmania

Speech Fees

Speech Fees 2015 (including GST) (Printable version - PDF 32KB)

GradeDrama & PerformanceVoice & CommunicationDrama & CommunicationSpeech & Performance Theory
Introductory  $98.00 per group 
First$73.00$73.00$102.00 per group$62.00
Second$74.00$74.00$115.00 per group$66.00
Third$76.00$76.00$118.00 per group$70.00
Fourth$84.00$84.00$121.00 per group$71.00
Fifth$85.00$85.00$123.00 per group$75.00
Sixth$86.00$86.00$127.00 per group$81.00
Seventh$100.00$100.00 $94.00
Diploma ExamsPracticalWritten
Licentiate$380.00*$120.00* per section
FellowshipOn application 

*In the case of Speech and Drama examinations in sections, the fee payable when lodging an entry is in respect of the section(s) to be attempted in the current examination year.