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Our imagery

Photography and imagery are key tools for showing our diverse and dynamic community. Our imagery captures the University and connects with people in ways that words cannot. What we say describes what we're doing to challenge convention and shape the future — our imagery shows it.


Still life 2

Still Life 3

Our photography style is confident, strong, and vibrant. We use natural light wherever possible, and light is often used as an active element in our photography.

Portraits of students and staff are confident. People play a key role in defining the subject matter of our imagery. Finding the personal element in our stories help us connect to our audience in a powerful way. Still life shots — whether facilities, lab details, or project details — can and should be used in a supporting role.

The University has an extensive range of photographic images for use in publications, advertising, and on the University website.

University staff seeking images for use in promotional collateral can direct enquiries to the Marketing Office.

Permission to use photographs

The University will need to be mindful of images and photographs which the University does not own and whether those images can be used in University promotional material and publications. The University will need to be aware of copyright infringement issues and having the appropriate permissions in place when using images owned by another individual in University proportional material.

When permission is required to use an image or photograph which does not belong to the University, you should use the Licence Deed Agreement, accessible by contacting the Marketing Office.

Photographs that are not owned by the University must not be used in any promotional material, publications or advertisement, unless the University has the express consent of the copyright owner through the Licence Deed Agreement, as identified above.

Further information relating to the Australian Copyright Act 1968 can be obtained from the Australian Copyright Council.

For further information on copyright, please speak to the University’s Copyright Officer.

Moral Rights

The University recognises that Moral Rights are not the same as copyright ownership and the University understands that the importance of acknowledging and maintaining Moral Rights.

There may be circumstances where an individual may be requested to consent to an infringement of their Moral Rights, and this must be done through a Moral Rights consent form.

Personal Information — Photographs, Interviews, and Filming

The University must obtain the consent of individuals prior to taking a photograph of someone, or where the University may film or interview someone. Photographs, films or quotations of an individual are ways in which an individual can be identified, and as such would be classes as ‘personal information.’

The University is required to seek individuals sign the Personal Information Consent form where the University is required to use an individual’s personal information.

Note that personal information and copyright are not the same thing, and consents for both are required in different circumstances, as outlined above.

Obtain a copy of the Personal Information Consent form (PDF 149.7 KB).*

* Original copies of the University Personal Consent Form and/or any photographer permission advice should be held on file within the relevant organisational unit. A scanned electronic version of the form should be saved onto HPRM (the University's record information management system). For those units that do not operate or access HPRM, the scanned electronic version of the form should be emailed to Forms should be emailed individually, rather than in bulk, for effective retrieval purposes.