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Chinese migrant business owners sought for study

Published 15 Jun 2016

This is an excerpt from an article published in The Mercury by Dr Tommy Wong, Director of the Master of Business Administration at the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics."Tasmania is experiencing an influx of Chinese visitors, many of whom explore investment opportunities during their stay.In order to capitalise on this interest, it is important that the business environment supports efforts of Chinese entrepreneurs to establish businesses.Currently little is known about what types of challenges are faced by Chinese entrepreneurs when starting and operating businesses in Tasmania.For the future of Tasmanian prosperity we need to improve our knowledge in this area. One way to address this is through extensive research into the experiences of Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs operating businesses in Tasmania.Funded by the Asia Institute at the University of Tasmania, a cross-cultural research team that I lead is doing research to endeavour to understand the challenges faced by Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs when starting up and running their businesses, as well as the types of resources and business support services available to and accessible by these entrepreneurs."You can read the whole article here.