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University of Tasmania economist ranked in world top 10

Published 16 Feb 2016

University of Tasmania Senior Economics Lecturer Dr Joaquin Vespignani has been recognised as the top young economist in Australia and in the top 10 globally, in the latest Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) rankings.

The ranking for economists who are within five years of PhD graduation puts Dr Vespignani in the prestigious company of economists from top international university economics departments, including those at Harvard, Berkeley and Stanford universities.

"I am thrilled with the ranking," Dr Vespignani said. "This is one of the few ways to know the impact of our research."

A collaboration between 82 countries, RePEc is the main international ranking for researchers in all areas of economics and finance.

The rankings include more than 6,200 economists within five years of graduating and more than 44,000 authors.

The rankings are based on research output measures, including the number and quality of publications and citations and popularity among peers.

Dr Vespignani, who came to the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics at the University of Tasmania three years ago from Barclays Investment Bank, said the achievement was a team effort and reflected the overall improvement of the discipline at the University of Tasmania.

"There's never been a better time to study economics and finance at the University of Tasmania," he said.

"Since 2008, under the leadership of Professor Mardi Dungey and Professor John Tisdell, the discipline of economics and finance at the University has experienced an amazing transformation through the appointments of quality researchers and teachers.

"This improvement has been recognised by the Australian Research Council [under which] our discipline ranking increased from two to three, in 2015. And a recent graduate survey saw our economics course achieve a 92 per cent satisfaction rating, the highest in the country."

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