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Our History

A Brief History of the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics


  • University of Tasmania established with just three faculties: Letters (changed to Arts in 1922), Law and Science

Early 1890's

  • Political Economy taught as a full-year long subject in the BA


  • First economics units taught at the University


  • Department of Commerce and Economics was founded with 21 students enrolled
  • Faculty of Commerce created to oversee the three-year Certificate of Commerce and the Bachelor of Commerce


  • Bachelor of Economics introduced alongside the Bachelor of Commerce


  • The B.Ec and B.Com degree merged into the one degree BEc.


  • The B.Com reestablished as a separate degree. 
  • Establishment of separate Departments of Economics and Accounting (which was later renamed as Accounting and Finance).


  • University of Tasmanian merged with Launceston based Tasmanian State Institute of Technology – Faculty of Commerce begins operating from Launceston campus with specialist courses in management and accounting.


  • University opens campus in Burnie and Faculty of Commerce begin teaching business courses at this location.


  • Faculty of Commerce creates three schools: Economics; Accounting and Finance; and Management

Early 2000s

  • School of Economics assumes the responsibility of overseeing the teaching of Finance
  • Finance major introduced into the BBus and BEc degrees
  • The Joint Venture between the AIEN Institute, Shanghai Ocean University and the University of Tasmania  begins with the teaching of business and information systems courses in Shanghai


  • Faculty of Commerce changes its name to Faculty of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce course renamed Bachelor of Business
  • School of Economics changes its name to School of Economics and Finance
  • School of Accounting and Finance becomes School of Accounting and Corporate Governance


  • Three schools, Management, Accounting and Corporate Governance and Economics and Finance merge within the Faculty of Business to become a single school Faculty known as the "Tasmanian School of Business and Economics"


  • 2014 marks the 100 year anniversary of the appointment of the first economics lecturer at the University

Download our Economics timeline poster [PDF 13MB]