Academic Skills for Business Students

Are You Ready for Academic Writing? These Questions (PDF 160.5KB) and Answers (PDF 77.1KB) can help ensure you are.

Has your lecturer suggested you need to improve your skills?

What you can do to be successful in university assignments:

  • Carefully read and understand the assignment requirements - what you need to do
  • Work out what the lecturer is "looking for" - what makes a good assignment, in general and for this topic in particular
  • Improve your academic writing
  • Take online tutorials to provide you with the skills and tools to find and manage information effectively

Your lecturer may have marked your assignment and suggested that you need to improve particular academic skills. The modules below contain links to online tutorials / activities that will help you build these skills. Most of these are from Monash University Language and Learning Online and the RMIT Study and Learning Centre. You may like to browse through these sites as they have other useful resources.