If you are seeking to advance your career opportunities, your salary and your competitive advantage in the job market, then undertaking the MBA is a wise investment in your professional and personal future.

The MBA will equip you with knowledge and understanding of key business operations and current trends in leadership and management - both strategic and operational - and will enable you to successfully assume a range of high level leadership roles within your organisation. You will be capable of:

  • planning and managing in the complex and turbulent national and international business environments,
  • Demonstrating a high level of analytical, problem solving and communication skills
  • Creatively, innovatively and ethically seeking new business opportunities
  • Understanding and adopting ethical, socially responsible and sustainable practices
  • Acting as an agent of change in organisational transformation
  • If graduating from a specialised MBA, demonstrating knowledge in that specialised field

The University of Tasmania MBA is highly regarded for its relevance to industry, its innovative specialisations, its flexible delivery and ease of access. Taught by leading academics, and visiting practitioners from industry, the courses can be taken on campus, by distance, during semester, intensively over the summer, part-time or full-time, or any combination of these alternatives.