Welcome to the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics.

The Tasmanian School of Business and Economics (TSBE), formerly known as the Faculty of Business, is committed to extending the boundaries of business education. From our professional and teaching staff to our teaching environments, our top-class researchers and our relevant and hands-on ties with industry and the community, we believe in creating thinkers and leaders who are highly valued in their chosen fields.

We also have a global presence, with over a dozen countries represented by our staff and students, including China, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom, and an international education partnership with Shanghai Ocean University.

The Tasmanian School of Business and Economics is proud of its heritage, with Economics being taught here since 1914, Accounting and Corporate Governance since 1919 and Management making a great contribution since 1992. The School is also associated with the Australian Innovation Research Centre, which aims to be an international driver of innovation policy research, and the Australian Institute of Health Service Management, based in Sydney, which conducts teaching and research in this important and growing field. Through research and teaching collaborations to our business education programs in colleges and high schools, the TSBE is deeply embedded in the community, and these ties inform and enrich all of our activities.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more about studying at TSBE or working with us.

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Ajay Sharma (India), Masters of Business Administration (Maritime and Logistics Management)

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Tu Ngoc Thanh (Grace) Nguyen (Vietnam), Bachelor of Business

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