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Lazenby's cafe

Commercial Services and Development (CSD) is responsible for overseeing catering operations at UTAS. The UTAS catering contract is currently operated by Scolarest.

Food and retail outlets

Please note that some venues only operate during semester.


Catering survey

Thanks to the 4075 staff and students who responded to the UTAS catering survey at the end of 2011. The aim of the survey was to engage students and staff and provide them with the opportunity to provide feedback on their food and drink preferences, and also to include discussion on the availability of places to socialise and the opening hours of various venues.

When asked which food options they would like to see more of on campus, nearly half of respondents each mentioned 'international foods' (48%), 'light and healthy snacks' (47%) and 'light and healthy salads' (46%). Mentioned by just over one third of respondents each were 'fruit juices/ smoothies' (36%) and 'specialty coffee/ coffee shop' (34%), while over one quarter each mentioned 'sandwiches' and 'fresh prepared fruit' (29% each), 'vegetarian/vegan options' (28%) and 'home-style comfort foods' (27%). If you would like to read more about the results of the survey, please see the catering survey research report (PDF 805.2KB).