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Parking permit general conditions

General Conditions for Issue of Staff Parking Permits

The University of Tasmania provides limited parking as an amenity for its staff. Currently employed staff are provided with the opportunity to make use of this facility and contribute to its maintenance by payment of a fee. For its part, the University provides upkeep and regulation of these facilities for the benefit of participating staff. The issuing of a parking permit is granted by the University as a benefit for staff on the condition that a permit is purchased and displayed at all times in accordance with the University By-Laws and the conditions listed below. For specific details of parking regulations, offences and penalties, please refer to the University By-Laws (, and the Campus Services website (

Eligible Staff

Full-time, part-time, casual and honorary staff are eligible to buy a staff parking permit. The holder of a staff parking permit is entitled to park in permit parking areas designated by WHITE bay dot markers. Exceptions apply to the Medical Science, Domain, Conservatorium of Music (Tasmanian College of the Arts), and Tasmanian College of the Arts Hunter Street sites in Hobart, where permit parking is only available to staff of these sites. A normal staff permit is not valid at these sites. For specific information on arrangements for Hobart CBD permits, please see

Staff covered by relevant enterprise agreements or other industrial instruments can elect to salary sacrifice the GST exclusive amount as a pre-tax payment (this reduces salary before PAYG tax is calculated). 

Issue, Display and Other Driver Responsibilities

  1. A parking permit will be issued following approval of the application. The permit should be placed on the bottom left side of the front windscreen, on a clear untinted area and be clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle whenever the vehicle is parked in a permit holder zone.
  2. The permit must be removed from the car if you cease to own the car, or if you cease to meet the permit conditions (ie. if you cease to be a staff member or official University contractor), and immediately returned to Campus Services. Old permits are to be removed before placement of the new permit. Staff and service permits are transferable between campuses with the exception of those
    campuses listed above.
  3. If permit is lost or destroyed, a replacement permit may be issued on payment of $10. An 'Application for a Replacement Parking Permit' form must be completed and a receipt from the Cashier's Office for $10 attached. The form is available from the Campus Services website ( Satisfactory information about the loss/destruction must be provided with the application form. A permit may be used for more than one vehicle. It is the driver's responsibility to change the permit to the car in use.
  4. Vehicles displaying permits may park in voucher-controlled areas only if they have a valid voucher clearly displayed on the vehicle.
  5. Staff holding and displaying a current parking permit are permitted to access voucher parking spaces and student parking spaces at no additional cost during the inter-semester (winter) and summer teaching breaks, exclusive of examination periods. Examination periods include Deferred and Supplementary examination periods. This permission expires one week prior to the commencement of Semester 1 each year (i.e. from the start of ‘O-Week’).

Issue of Infringement Notices

  1. It is the vehicle driver's responsibility to take note of any parking restrictions or changes to parking conditions.
  2. Infringement notices will not be withdrawn if issued in accordance with the University By-Laws and these General Conditions.
  3. Any appeal against an infringement notice must be lodged via the online appeals form ( or in writing to the Senior Customer Service Officer, Campus Services. Appeals must be lodged within 5 days of the infringement issue date.
  4. The following examples are not valid reasons for withdrawal of a parking infringement notice:
  • non-display of a permit or with a permit displayed in such a manner that it cannot be clearly observed from outside the vehicle
  • parking in a voucher zone without display of a valid voucher or with an expired voucher
  • parking in a permit zone without a permit
  • parking in a disability parking space without a disability parking permit
  • parking in a numbered parking space which does not correspond to the one to which access has been granted
  • parking causing an obstruction or in an area not marked or indicated for the parking of vehicles such as lawns, footpaths or gardens.