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Upfront Payment Staff Parking Permit

Casual and honorary staff members, and postgraduate candidates who, by virtue of their APA or similar instrument, are required to be on campus full time, are eligible to apply for a staff parking permit. Permits must be paid for online before they will be issued.

The application process consists of two steps:

  1. Fill in your details and delivery information in the form below.
  2. Make an online payment (click on the payment link after filling in the form below).

Permits will not be issued until both steps have been completed. If you have any questions or problems completing this application, please contact Campus Services.

Personal and Contact Details
  • Permit Eligibility *
  • Postgraduate permit applications must be endorsed by the applicant's supervisor confirming that there is a requirement for the applicant to be on campus full time as part of their APA or similar instrument. 

  • Vehicle Details
Delivery and Section Details

Please let us know either your campus and internal bag number, or a mailing address for delivery.  

If you know your budget centre name or number, please note this in the field above to speed up processing and dispatch of your permit.