Campus Services

Secure access cards and keys

A number of the buildings on campus are secured by personalised access cards. The access cards are individually programmed by Security to allow access to specified areas.


Step 1 - online request 

Complete a request for access card online. You will need your current student ID number.

Step 2 - collect

Allow one working day for your card request to be processed, then take your current student ID card along to campus security between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday to collect your access card.

Collection points at each campus are:

  • Sandy Bay campus: Security desk at Morris Miller Library
  • Newnham campus: Security office at end of Queen Elizabeth Walk
  • Cradle Coast campus: Jacqui Clear's office (near admin reception in building D)
  • Other campuses: your access card will be mailed to the reception desk of your school or institute.

Cards are supplied with access to your campus library, where there is one.

In the case of requesting after hours access to the Morris Miller Underground Computer Lab (Sandy Bay campus), the access card and ID must be produced at the Morris Miller Help Desk for authorisation.

Launceston access cards are supplied with access to the Newnham Library and Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre. 

If you require access to other buildings or areas please directly contact the school or division responsible for the area for more information. The head of school or authorising officer in each school will determine what after hours access is appropriate for each individual.


Access cards for staff are obtained from the school/section authorised officer. Please fill in the Key and Access Card Request Form (PDF 132KB).

Any authorisation of access rights or change to access rights will be accepted through the school authorising officer only. Direct requests to Security or Campus Services will be denied. Any problems with access should be reported to the authorising officer within the school or to Security on extension 2046. When calling Security you may be requested to produce current ID.


For further information, please contact Campus Services.