Campus Services

Vehicle fleet

Infrastructure Services & Development manages the University of Tasmania's fleet vehicles. Vehicle fleet services include:

  • providing suitable vehicles for academic and general staff requiring vehicles for essential travel within Tasmania
  • managing vehicles permanently allocated to University departments and schools
  • purchasing new vehicles
  • facilitating the disposal of University vehicles that are no longer required, and
  • arranging bookings for vehicles (charges for vehicles apply).

All vehicle fleet bookings are made through Campus Services. Office hours are 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Reminder: please ensure that you put the correct fuel in the vehicle.

Note that from 17 April 2015, all UTAS vehicles will carry Caltex fuel cards rather than BP fuel cars. If you drive a UTAS vehicle, please familiarise yourself with the location of Caltex service stations on your planned route.  A list of Caltex fuel outlet locations will also be placed in UTAS vehicles.

Keys for Launceston fleet vehicles are to be collected from and returned to the Accommodation Services office, second floor TUU building. All bookings for Launceston vehicles to be made through Campus Services.