Casual Staff Induction

Welcome from the Vice-Chancellor


Welcome to UTAS!

As an international university working out of Tasmania, UTAS links with other universities in the global mission to create, communicate and disseminate knowledge. We do this both so that our own community will benefit from the economic growth, social betterment and cultural development that flows from knowledge and also so that we can share these benefits with others worldwide.

The University recognises that our store of intellectual capital and the goodwill that we build with our communities depends on how we develop you as a staff member. Whether your contribution is through scholarship or in professional, administrative or technical areas, we work very much as an integrated team – each respecting and recognising the other.

Joining our team was a brilliant thing to do. You will bring to UTAS your particular skill and expertise from which we will all benefit. We hope that UTAS will provide the right environment to nourish and develop your particular talents, and realise your ambitions. We will work with you to achieve this.

My best wishes for your success and fulfilment as a member of the UTAS community.


Peter Rathjen