Centre for Renewable Energy and Power Systems

Programs and Projects

The Centre for Renewable Energy and Power Systems currently has two main research programs, and numerous research projects under each program.

Program 1: Electrical Power

This program focuses on diverse and challenging problems facing the electric power industry in the 21st century. The Centre is especially interested in technical problems associated with integration of distributed and renewable generation into existing power networks, hybrid remote area power supply systems, network operation and security control, load modeling, smart grids, and intelligent systems application to power systems.

Contact: Michael.Negnevitsky@utas.edu.au

Program 2: Energy Systems

This program focuses on optimising the efficiency and overcoming challenges relating to energy transfer and conversion. Research areas include turbines and turbomachinery, energy storage and energy transport in mechanical forms, such as water, heat and compressed air. The Centre is interested in efficient use of energy in cogeneration or combined heat and power systems. Energy storage techniques are investigated to provide stability and ability to deliver base load generation to renewable generation systems.

Contact: Alan.Henderson@utas.edu.au