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UTAS College Program Offerings 2013

UTAS College Program Offerings for 2013

Download list of all units offered in the 2013 program (PDF 195k)


Languages & Asian Studies

    Asia: Enduring Traditions HMA103 (PDF 283k)

    French HEF103 (PDF 73k)

    Chinese HMC103 (PDF 79k)

    Japanese (PDF 80K)


    Conservatorium of Music

      Foundation Practical Studies FCP113 (PDF 204k)
        Advanced Practical Studies FCP120 (PDF 204k)
          Music Project 1 FCE107 (PDF 76k)
            Music Project 2 FCE202 (PDF 76k)


            Aboriginal Studies

              Contemporary Indigenous Australia HAB102 (PDF 70k)
                Colonised Land: Indigenous Australian History HAB103 (PDF 72k)


                Accounting and Financial Decision Making BFA103 (PDF 79k)



                  Introduction to Politics and Policy HPP110 (PDF 56k)


                  Tasmanian College of the Arts

                    Expanded Practice FSS100 (PDF 64k)
                      Object Design FSF103 (PDF 64k)
                        Visual and Performing Art: Contemporary Practice FFE111 (PDF 111k)
                          Visual and Performing Art: Contemporary Practice (Advanced) FFE112 (PDF 95k)