Community Friends & Networks Programme


Community friends programme group

What is the aim of the CFNP?

The Community Friends & Networks Programme seeks to support students who are 'new to town' to connect with their new community, and experience the real Tasmania during their stay or as they build a permanent life in the State. CFNP is open to anyone though, as everyone's involvement makes for the best outcomes and meeting people can be enjoyed by everyone.

Who are the new to town students?

New to town UTAS students refers to anyone who is new to Hobart or Launceston and feels they would benefit from getting to know the locals. CFNP supports students to develop friendships, connections and networks in the University and wider Tasmanian community. Whether you are an International Student, a migrant, or you are from interstate or regional Tasmania, we welcome you to be part of the CFNP.

Who are the local volunteers?

'Locals' include staff and students at UTAS, and individuals and families from the wider community who consider themselves local Tasmanians. You don't need to have lived in Tassie for generations, just long enough to be able to provide local knowledge and friendship to people who are new to our community.

Locals may also be groups of people such as sporting or service clubs who would like to offer support to an individual or small group of students by welcoming them into the organisation. Your interest in participating could be due to wanting to engage in language exchange, learn about other cultures, it could be study related, or just because you remember the feeling of being new and can offer friendship and support.

What experience do I need to be a local volunteer?

All you need is life experience! Your local CFNP Coordinator will assist you to become involved regardless of whether you are a UTAS domestic student, staff or a member of the Tasmanian community.

Where is CFNP offered?

The CFNP is offered in both Hobart and Launceston. If you are a new to town student at any associated campus, including the AMC campus at Beauty Point and the Inveresk campus in Launceston, you can participate in this programme.

How committed do I have to be to the CFNP?

CFNP is run so you can opt in and out depending on your studies or life commitments, but is always there when you need a break or an avenue to meet some new people and share new experiences.

How do I get involved?

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