Community Friends & Networks Programme

Threads of Launceston

Threads of Launceston Art Exhibition - bringing together the community and cultural threads of Launceston.

The Threads of Launceston Art Exhibition celebrates the threads that draw us together providing celebration and insight into our diverse community. The exhibition seeks to give acknowledgement and representation of diversity at the University and in the local community.

Threads of Launceston will provide an authentic opportunity for people to explore others' culture and life experience via visual art in a unique environment. In providing an insight into our local and diverse community, new threads will evolve connecting people at UTAS and in the wider local community.

Threads of Launceston will enable University students, staff and local community members to share their art in a safe and supported environment. The art will be diverse, entertaining, stimulating and inclusive. 

Open the Threads of Launceston Application/Information Sheet.

Published on: 18 Feb 2014 10:45am