Division of the Chief Operating Officer

Capital Infrastructure Committee (CIC)

The Capital Infrastructure Committee (CIC) is a sub-committee of the Senior Management Team (SMT) and is responsible for oversight of capital infrastructure expenditure for the University.

Please direct all enquiries regarding the Capital Infrastructure Committee to the Secretary


 Meeting DateMeeting TimeVenue - Hobart Venue - Launceston
Papers due to
COO Office by COB
1   Thur 16 March 10:00am - NoonCouncil RoomPVC Meeting Room 1Wed 1 March
2Wed 31 May11.30am - 1.30pmCouncil RoomPVC Meeting Room 1Wed 17 May
3Mon 24 July2:00pm - 4:00pmCouncil RoomPVC Meeting Room 1Mon 10 July
4Thur 31 Aug10:30am - 12:30pmCouncil RoomPVC Meeting Room 1Thur 17 Aug
5Thur 21 Sept10:00am - NoonCouncil Room  PVC Meeting Room 1Thur 7 Sept
6Mon 20 Oct2:00pm - 4:00pmCouncil RoomPVC Meeting Room 1Fri 6 Oct
7Thur 16 Nov1:30pm - 3.30pmCouncil RoomPVC Meeting Room 1Thur 2 Nov