Division of the Chief Operating Officer

Capital Approval Process

Capital project proposals are reviewed under the annual CIC process, in accordance with CIC terms of reference.

In order to assure a whole-of-university approach to the development of capital infrastructure, all proposals for capital works projects (including new constructions, renovations and services infrastructure installation/redevelopment), irrespective of funding source, must be reviewed and prioritised by CIC against a set of criteria designed to reflect key strategic and operational requirements.

Organisational Unit business continuity planning must be a key consideration in the detailed scoping of all construction, renovation and refurbishment works and major asset purchases or replacements submitted to the CIC.

Whole of University approach

There are two potential processes to obtain approval for capital projects and items:

In the event that a capital project is rejected, grounds for reconsideration will be advised by CIC including timeframe, scope, value etc.