CODES – ARC Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits

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Four Module model takes over from the Programs

Following the ending of its tenure as an ARC-funded Centre of Excellence, CODES has introduced a four module research model to replace the five Programs system that was in place previously.

Key objectives in developing this model are to ensure all the well established and valued research capabilities are maintained, while enhancing the structure to better reflect the Centre's strengths. It is believed that this model also better positions the Centre to adapt to the evolving needs of the minerals industry and other stakeholder groups.

The new integrated research modules provide a step-change in exploration techniques for metal discovery, new practices for sustainable mining, a steady supply of world class geoscience graduates, as well as creating a platform to meet the training and up-skilling needs of the minerals industry.

The New Modules

* Ore Deposit Characterisation, led by Dr Garry Davidson, provides end-users with process-based models for the formation of high value metalliferous ore deposits and a framework to develop innovative new tools for determining the most prospective regions for exploration (fertility), and for targeting buried ore deposits (vectoring).

* Geometallurgy, led by Dr Julie Hunt, builds on the success of the AMIRA P843/A GeMIII projects and the collaborative involvement with CRC ORE. This module aims to transform how explorers and miners plan and predict mining and environmental activities, by providing new tools to guide these activities from the initial discovery stage, rather than during feasibility assessment.

* Enabling Technology, led by Professor Leonid Danyushevsky, continues the work carried out under the old Technology Program by producing innovative analytical and computational tools, and facilitating technology transfer to the minerals exploration and geoanalytical industries.

* Training, jointly led by Professor Jocelyn McPhie (graduate research) and Dr Robert Scott (Master of Economic Geology Program), builds on CODES' ability to produce highly-skilled Honours, Masters and PhD graduates, and provide professional development short courses and workshops for re- and up-skilling of the minerals industry workforce.

While some of the projects under the Programs were timed to come to a natural conclusion with the expiry of the Centre of Excellence funding, a large majority of the research work is continuing under the new structure. In addition, a number of new projects will continue to be introduced as the Modules evolve.