CODES – Centre for Ore Deposit and Earth Sciences

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Research Outcomes

CODES’ is the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits, based alongside the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Tasmania.  Formed in 1989, the Centre has grown substantially over the years and is now widely regarded as a global leader in ore deposit research. This has resulted in significant growth in income and research output – we produce approximately 165 research reports to industry and 56 publications per year, involving constant international collaborations.

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CODES’ is now the largest university-based team of ore deposit researchers in the world. We have a highly qualified and respected team of researchers with expertise in a broad spectrum of ore deposit types and fields of the geosciences. We are also leaders in technology, having invested heavily in a suite of high class laboratory facilities, equipment and expertise, which is greatly enhanced by collaborations with our node partners and a host of renowned international institutions.

The impact of CODES research on industry is best exemplified by reviewing its Scorecard of Achievements over the past 22 years, which demonstrates that the team is leading research advances on a range of ore deposit types, from both the exploration and geometallurgy perspectives (see page 16 of CODES Brochure).

Educational Outcomes

graph studentsCODES ’ track record for delivering an excellent education and grounding in the earth sciences is also known and valued throughout the world and we find people come from all parts of the globe to add a CODES education to their CV s. Therefore, industry does not have to seek out the brightest young minds. These students have already sought-out CODES – you just have to come to us and, if you are a CODES 'Industry Partner' you have first pick!

We have a high percentage of international students and our team approach to teaching and supervision ensures a very supportive and stimulating environment and best possible academic outcomes for all students.

Over 90% of CODES graduates join the minerals industry and a high percentage of them go on to hold senior level positions with national and international mining companies. Below are a few examples of the current positions of some of our graduates.

table students