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Stuart Bull

Stuart Bull

Dr Stuart Bull

University Associate

Contact Details

Contact Campus Sandy Bay Campus
Building Geology
Room Reference 502
Telephone +61 3 6226 2490
Fax +61 3 6226 2547

Teaching Responsibilities

Various lectures and practicals in sedimentology, basin analysis and sediment-hosted ore deposits.

Career Summary

Dr Stuart Bull worked full time at CODES for 20 years during which his principle responsibility was to provide input on basin analysis into a multidisciplinary research team investigating the origin of various styles of sediment-hosted ore deposits within a series of major collaborative research projects. These included ARC/AMIRA projects P384 and 384a Stratiform Sediment-hosted Zn Deposits, ARC/AMIRA projects P544 and 872 Stratiform Sediment-hosted Cu Deposits, AMIRA project P552 Numerical Fluid Flow Modelling of Sediment-hosted Ore Systems and AMIRA project P923 Sediment-hosted Au Deposits. Within the framework of each project, Stuart's role was to lead all aspects of the research pertaining to basin development and architecture, thereby providing a framework for, and constraining aspects of, ore genesis. Stuart is now working as a consultant in basin analysis to the minerals exploration industry, but remains involved with CODES in a teaching and supervisory capacity as an honorary research fellow.

Research Activity

Stuart's research activity has been focused on constraining the setting and genesis of sediment hosted ore systems including, most recently; the Sediment-hosted Cu deposits of the Congolese, Zambian and central Australian basin systems; the sediment hosted gold deposits in Nevada and Victoria; and the Prominent Hill IOGG deposit in South Australia. He is currently working on a project on trace element characteristics of pyrite in marine sediments over earth history.



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