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Chun Kit Lai

Chun Kit Lai

Dr Chun Kit Lai

University Associate - Discipline of Earth Sciences

Contact Details

Contact Campus Sandy Bay Campus
Building Geology/Geography
Room Reference 506
Telephone +61 3 6226 2390
Fax +61 3 6226 2547 (Earth Sciences) +61 3 6226 7662 (CODES)

Career Summary

Mr Chun Kit Lai (Kit) is currently a University Associate with Earth Sciences. He received his BSc and MPhil from the University of Hong Kong, and a PhD from the University of Tasmania.

Research Activity

Kit has worked at CODES as a Research Fellow on the correlation of magmatic and metallogenic belts in Sumatra and Myanmar. Prior to that on the tectonic evolution of the Ailaoshan Fold Belt in southwestern China and its SE Asia correlation for his PhD project, with focus mainly on U-Pb zircon geochronology, petrology and geochemistry. 


Research Project/s