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There are a variety of specific scholarships on offer for students who choose to study at the CODES ARC Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits or the Discipline of Earth Sciences (Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics). The scholarships cover things such as living allowances, research project costs and international tuition fees. These change occasionally, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on this section of our website.

Honours Scholarships

The Discipline and Centre may offer living allowance scholarships for Honours students. Depending on the project you choose, we also offer project funding to cover expenses such as field work and analyses.  Mainland and overseas students may also apply for 'Relocation Scholarships' ($1,000) to assist their arrival and departure from Tasmania, regardless of their success with other scholarships.  Part or all of this allowance is claimable upon provision of receipts. Contact Dr Martin Jutzeler regarding Honours scholarship enquiries, and view the Honours Project list for funding details on specific projects.

Postgraduate Scholarships

The Discipline and Centre have a wide range of generous funding available to support postgraduate study for Australian and international students. This includes living allowance scholarships (ranging from approximately $23,700 to $30,000 per annum), research project funding and international tuition fees scholarships. Eligibility for this funding relates to:

  • Previous academic experience and level of excellence
  • Research only degrees (i.e. not available for coursework Masters or Graduate Diplomas)

Sometimes there are already specific projects and funding in place and a scholarship is advertised, but more often the student chooses their theme or area of interest and contacts a relevant academic to discuss details relating to project and funding options available.

Academic staff in CODES' Centre of Excellence and the Discipline of Earth Sciences have very wide Earth science expertise, as well as an established record of successful supervision of PhD and MSc projects. They can be consulted at any time regarding potential research projects in their respective fields of expertise. View our PhD and MSc Research Projects list, which links major research areas with the research interests of academic staff members. It also provides a direct link to the profile page of each academic which lists their research interests, publications and achievements.

PhD Scholarships now available

Scholarships Offered by the University of Tasmania

The Tasmania Scholarships Program supports the University's commitment to offer students an exemplary learning environment. The program provides students with significant financial and academic support to study at the University of Tasmania at a time they most need it. Awards are offered in a wide range of disciplines to students studying at undergraduate, Honours, and postgraduate levels. Eligibility ranges from financial difficulty to academic excellence.

Read more about these scholarships.

N.B. many of the Discipline and Centre scholarships may also be advertised on the University scholarships site.