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Associate Degrees

Our Associate Degrees are super flexible and relevant because they've been developed with industry experts. These programs provide pathways to further study or a formal qualification to help progress or start your career. The introduction of these degrees makes higher education accessible to everyone. Students who may have never imagined going to university now have an opportunity to choose from a range of options.

Associate Degrees are ideal for students who:

  • want to acquire new skills and knowledge to start a new career or change their career direction;
  • are looking for a pathway into their chosen bachelor degree;
  • need academic qualifications for career advancement;
  • wish to learn more about innovation and jobs for the future;
  • are mature-age and/or non-school leaver students.

Why Associate Degrees?

Shorter - bachelor degrees have a duration of three or more years, while an Associate Degree can take as little as two years (full time).

Hands-on learning experiences - this allows you to apply the theory you are learning to real-world business examples, live case studies, industry speakers, and job-focused programs.

Bridges VET and university study - bridges the ‘gap’ between technical/vocational training and a bachelor degree.

Terms - our new Associate Degrees are offered over four terms per year, 10 weeks per time. These align with the Tasmanian school terms.

No exams in first year - assessments are built into the term.

Nested qualifications - after the completion of one year (full time), there is the option to exit with a diploma.

Articulation - guarantees credit into further study in a specified bachelor degree.

UTAS University College - What is An Associate Degree
What is An Associate Degree

Blended learning

University College offers its new Associate Degrees via blended delivery mode from the Newnham, Cradle Coast and Sandy Bay campuses. Blended delivery means that there are a combination of different learning platforms available to you, including online and face-to-face. These Associate Degrees also contain a workshop component or industry location for you to practice your skills and integrate theory and practice.

Hands-on learning

Hands-on industry experience within the course means you will not only have a firm understanding of theory but know how to apply it in working environments. This includes a range of activities, such as projects, case studies, work placements and internships.

New Associate Degrees offered in 2019

In 2019, University College are offering the Associate Degree in Agribusiness, Associate Degree in Applied Business, Associate Degree in Applied Design, Associate Degree in Applied Science and the Associate Degree in Applied Technologies.

The Associate Degree in Agribusiness offers specialisations in Horticulture and Dairy, as well as the opportunity to articulate into the Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture and Business) with 2 years credit. Or, upon successful completion of your Associate Degree, you are likely to find careers upstream of the farm in primary production, and downstream of the farm.

The Associate Degree in Applied Business offers specialisations in General Business, Events and Tourism, Sport, Recreation and Leisure, Supply Chain Management and Local Leadership . Should you choose the General Business specialisation, there is an opportunity to articulate into the Bachelor of Business Administration, receiving 2 years credit. Or, upon successful completion of your Associate Degree, you are likely to find careers in many organisations such as accountancy firms, financial services, event organisations, tourism organisations, sport organisations and project management companies.

The Associate Degree in Applied Design aims to produce graduates with 21st Century transferable skills. Industries as varied as media, manufacturing, health, travel, recreation and business are all demanding graduates with design thinking skills. As an Associate Degree in Applied Design student, you will study new and exciting areas of design while undertaking practical work based training, learning cutting edge and futuristic technologies and pushing the boundaries of design.

The Associate Degree in Applied Science offers specialisations in Fermentation Science and Separation Processes and Aquaculture. Opportunities for students specialising in Applied Science include brewing, wine making, fermented food and drink products, distillation, alkaloids, biodiesel, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, forensics, essential oils, and water treatment.

The Associate Degree in Applied Technologies offers specialisations in Cyber-Physical Systems (Robotics and Automation) and Cyber Security. Graduation from the Associate Degree in Applied Technologies can provide an entry opportunity for those who have not worked in technologies, accelerate progression through a graduate’s present organisation, or open up new career paths and opportunities.

If you are not ready to apply, but would like to express your interest in one of our current or upcoming Associate Degrees, visit our Expression of Interest page.

Frequently asked questions

Our Associate Degrees are flexible and accessible and provide an attractive option for non-traditional learners, including:

  • students with low/ no ATAR entrance scores;
  • students  looking for a more affordable study option (Associate Degrees are affordable, taking two years to complete); and 
  • people in the workforce looking to up-skill or study as mature age students.

Students have the choice of a pathway into further study or a career.

Our University College Associate Degrees have been uniquely designed to place equal emphasis on theory and practice. This is done by offering 16 discipline subjects and 16 work-integrated learning practice and portfolio subjects throughout the two-year course. By doing so, you graduate job ready with a firm understanding of how to apply the theory you have learnt.

Rather than studying during traditional university semester teaching periods, our Associate Degrees are studied over 40 weeks per yer (10 weeks per term), aligning with the Tasmanian school terms.

The new Associate Degrees are a formal qualification in their own right, offering pathways to new career opportunities or upskilling in a current career. These Associate Degrees also offer formal articulation pathways into specified bachelor degrees should you wish to continue studying.

The Associate Degree is likely to appeal to a wide range of people, including:

  • school leavers who achieve a TCE (or ATAR) but who are not eligible/prepared/interested in studying a bachelor degree;
  • students who want to gain skills and knowledge to start a career;
  • students interested in learning about innovation and future jobs;
  • students with industry/professional experience who would like to gain some academic credentials; and
  • non-school leaver and mature-age students seeking academic credentials and career advancement.

The new Associate Degrees are offered in blended delivery mode. Blended delivery mode means that the course content is available online, but some face-to-face attendance is required. In Associate Degrees, this face-to-face requirement will be in the form of workshops and tutorials/ laboratories. Each subject within the Associate Degrees will specify workshop locations and dates.

Students are able to attend face-to-face tutorials on campus at Newnham, Sandy Bay and Cradle Coast.

Term dates for 2018 are as follows:

  • Term 1: 7 February – 15 April
  • Term 2: 30 April – 8 July
  • Term 3: 23 July – 30 September
  • Term 4: 15 October – 23 December

In general, the term dates will follow the Tasmanian Department of Education school term dates.