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Diploma of University Studies

If students’ do not meet the entry requirements for a bachelor degree or would like a more supported entry into university study, the Diploma of University Studies is a great option.

By completing the Diploma of University Studies, students will have guaranteed entry into a specified degrees (dependent on specialisation). Students will also meet the University’s General Entry Requirements, so will have options to enter other bachelor degrees. Diploma of University Studies specialisations are offered for entry into Arts, Business, Education, Health Science, Health, Science, Engineering, and ICT.

Program structure

Each specialisation has been designed in consultation with the relevant Faculty to build your skills and knowledge in a step-up manner to prepare you for bachelor level study. Although each pathway differs a little, all have the same basic structure:

  • Preparation units. Foundation level units delivered by University College. Students learn and build specific skills and knowledge that will support successful university study in all subject areas.
  • Course-specific Foundation units. Offered by University of Tasmania faculties and colleges, these units help students to meet specific subject prerequisites (such as pre-tertiary maths or chemistry) as well as further building the key skills required for successful degree study.
  • First year (Introductory) level units. These units form part of the bachelor degree structure and will give students a feel for what is expected at degree level study. Completion of these units will provide credit into a specified bachelor degree.

Specialisations on offer

Successful completion of the Diploma of University Studies can provide guaranteed entry into the following:

Frequently asked questions

The majority of university students across Australia choose to defer their student contribution until after they have commenced into the workforce. You can do this by taking out a HECS-HELP load. This loan can cover all or part of the student contribution amount.

Our first year level degree units incur HECS and foundation level unit fees are currently covered by an internal scholarship that is applied after your enrolment. Please note, the Commonwealth has proposed changes to the funding structure of enabling places and full details are not yet available. Anyone who applies for the program will be advised by the University of the implications, once full details are available.

Students undertaking first year level units are also required to pay a student services and amenities fee (SSAF), in proportion to study load. Students who are a=unable to pay the fee up-front can defer all or part of the fee through an element of the Higher Education Loan Program, known as SA-HELP.

There are some textbook, stationery and student material costs that may apply and these are dependent on the units you study.

The foundation units included in the Pathway are specifically designed to help you build the skills needed for successful degree study and to support you in your learning, while providing the opportunity for you to develop independent study skills.

Dedicated Student Coordinators are available to Pathway students, and can provide you with guidance about matters related to your studies. They can also help you liaise with other university staff and student support services.

Each pathway can be completed in two semester (one year) full-time or up to three years part-time.

  • for pathways into Arts, Education, Business, Science and ICT, the course has two intakes per year in semester 1 and semester 2.
  • pathways into Health, Health Science and Engineering have one intake per year in semester 1 only.

Semester 1: 26 February – 3 June 2018

Semester 2: 16 July – 21 October 2018

An exams period follows each semester.

There are fast-tracking opportunities for full-time students who excel in their first semester studies to apply for a position in their desired degree, and a decision will be made of a case-by-case basis depending on results, other supporting evidence and course specifics. Fast-tracking is not an option for quota restricted courses.

Submit an application for your preferred pathway. Applications are via the online application system eApplication. Access to the system and more information are available on the University of Tasmania’s admissions website.

If you need help with submitting an application, call 1300 363 864.