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Students “ripe” for associate degree

Published 21 Sep 2017

It could arguably be labeled one of the world’s best jobs, but the science of making cider can be complex; requiring specialist skills and fermentation knowledge.

Head Cider Maker at Willie Smith’s, Tim Jones, says cider and spirit makers need to be grounded in data, analysis and have good work habits and discipline.

He’s confident students graduating with an Associate Degree in Applied Science from University College will meet this criteria and be ‘ripe’ to pursue careers in fermentation industries.

“The associate degree has been designed in response to industry demand.

“It’s exciting from our perspective because students get the opportunity to work on projects and case studies. They’ll be learning situational appraisal, self- management, communication and business skills, as well as core scientific skills,” Tim said.

Willie Smith’s is a fourth-generation farming business in the Huon Valley, south of Hobart. Originally a small apple orchard started in the 1800’s, it’s now an organic operation heavily focused on boutique cider and apple spirit production and distilling.

“It’s a very exciting time to be in the Australian cider industry. We are in a period of very rapid growth.

“These associate degrees are not only important for those wanting to enter the industry but highly relevant for those in the industry looking to upskill with the potential to articulate to a full bachelor degree.

“So if we have the skills set available we can make those ciders and make new ciders that excite and interest people,” he said.

Put simply, there’s no better time to ‘tap’ into an associate degree!