Colonialism and its Aftermath

Morris Miller Library

John Maule Hudspeth Diaries

John Maule Hudspeth arrived in Tasmania after a voyage on the 'Minerva' (1822-23) with his wife as a free settler. His diary describes the voyage and includes much of scientific interest. It continues with an account of his settling at 'Bowsden' near Jericho, his choces of where to settle (on 600 acres), what to plant, and his activities as a medical officer and deputy constable. This could be examined in a wider context of other available Hudspeth family documents in our Royal Society archives (RS2/2).

Clive Sansom papers

Clive Sansom (1910-81) was a poet and speech educator who migrated to Tasmania in 1949. UTAS archives has a large collection of his papers, including his pre- and post migration period as well as his published and unpublished works. His diaries, correspondence and other papers could provide a new view into an important period in the literary and social development of Tasmania. His wife Sarah (a Quaker) is also interesting and her papers could also be examined to provide greater depth to such a study if necessary. (Utas Archives private pepers DX18)

Sarah Mitchell Diaries

Sarah Mitchell's diaries and scrapbooks provide a window into everyday life in Tasmania over an unusually wide timespan. Sarah started recording her activities sat age 13 around 1866 and continued until 1946. Her collections in the Royal Society of Tasmania’s archives are described as an" interesting but haphazard collection of news clippings, photos and family letters. She kept very detailed notes, which include her account of a trip to England in 1900-1901.These materials could provide a unique view of Tasmanian life through this period.