Colonialism and its Aftermath

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

Record keeping and the Cascades Female Factory

In the late 19th century the photographer and collector John Watt Beattie obtained a number of archival records relating to the Cascades Female Factory. This material which covers the period from the mid-1830s to 50s consists of loose correspondence and a number of pages taken from large series including baptismal and birth records, patient case notes, monthly returns of sick prisoners, lists of medical supplies, passholder lists and applications to marry. While the collection is incomplete it is important in that it provides an insight into record keeping practice and daily life in this prominent colonial institution. The project will provide an opportunity for students in History and or Creative Writing to use this newly available material to explore the life of female convict inmates.

The marvellous Corricks

Based around a highly talented and creative Tasmanian family of musicians and entertainers working both in Australia and overseas in the early twentieth century, this project will utilize the archival papers (scrapbooks, programs, correspondence, photographs, music and ephemera) of the Corrick family held at the QVMAG, and film held at Screensound Australia in Canberra, to interpret the role that the family played within the wider field of the history of the entertainment industry in Australia.