Colonialism and its Aftermath

Events, Conferences & Symposia

CAIA holds work-in-progress seminars for its members once a year. These seminars are a forum for staff, post graduates and industry partners to present, discuss and share research. They are often run in conjunction with local cultural institutions or community groups interested in developing partnerships with CAIA and the University.

CAIA holds smaller, more intimate Winter Symposia in the years in which we do not organise a large conference. These events are located in different, non-university spaces, and encourage conversations between academics and disciplines on specific themes.

Confirmed CAIA Events for 2017

5-6 June

Experimental Histories II: Uncanny objects in the Anthropocene

Convenors: Assoc Prof Penny Edmonds, Dr Hannah Stark, Dr Katrina Schlunke

With invited speakers

Dr Prudence Black, University of Sydney, Dr Fiona Cameron, Western Sydney University, Prof Stephen Muecke, University of Adelaide, Dr Kate Wright, University of New England

Venue: Harvard Room 1, Centenary 132, Sandy Bay campus

20 June

Globalisation and Entrepreneurship in the South Pacific: reframing colonial architecture 1800-1850 (GESP) Workshop

Convenors: Prof Philippa Mein Smith and Dr Stuart King (UTAS)

GESP’s purpose is to recalibrate the ways in which early colonial histories of architecture and the built environment across the Tasman world are understood and represented.

Venue: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart

20 June

Dark Tourism and Beyond Collaboratory

Convenors: Dr Alicia Marchant, Dr Kristyn Harman and Dr Robert Clarke (UTAS)

Where better to reflect on Dark Tourism than in the home of DARK MOFO, MONA’s winter festival, 8-21 June in Hobart?

The collaboratory aims to bring together representatives of the tourism and heritage industries from across Tasmania with key stakeholders from within the University of Tasmania to:

  • provide a forum to discuss the challenges of interpreting/communicating/ theorising ‘dark’ histories, objects and spaces that are so central to the Tasmanian experience;
  • strategize about how we can collectively approach these challenges both now and in the future, and to construct a practical framework;
  • identify future collaborations, initiatives and potential funding sources;
  • launch an ongoing ‘Dark Tourism and Beyond’ research group supported by the TRENd Network at the University of Tasmania.

Venue: Banksia Room, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart

Time: 10 am – 3.30 pm

24 August

BLUE STOCKING LECTURE | Locating Australia? How students view Australia's region

Presented by: Professor Philippa Mein Smith, University of Tasmania

The Blue Stocking History Seminar seeks to showcase and promote esteemed women historians and their work in women's history or any related history field.

15 September

9:15am - 1pm

A Half Day Workshop | Creating, Curating and Sharing Qualitative Digital Research Data

Scholars in the humanities, arts and social sciences are increasingly using eResearch tools and techniques to analyse qualitative as well as quantitative data. This presents new challenges, especially in the context of international research collaborations and the mandating by funding agencies of the preservation of research data in re-usable forms. This workshop sponsored by the Centre for Colonialism and Its Aftermath, and the Research Data Management Portal Project, will explore and foster discussion of key conceptual and practical issues when working with qualitative data in digital forms.

4 October


SEMINAR | Māori and the Tasman World in the Long Nineteenth Century: A View from The Bluff

Presented by Dr Michael Stevens, Senior Lecturer in Māori History in the Department of History and Art History at the University of Otago.

2-3 November

Symposium on Southern Knowledge

Convenors: Dr Kim McLeod (Sociology) and Dr Joselynn Baltra-Ulloa (Social Work)

Provocateur: Prof Raewyn Connell

A forum for academics, postgraduates, students, professionals and community members to discuss southern knowledge in the context of tertiary education.

Venue: Hobart

22-24 November

Connecting the Colonies: Empires and Networks in the History of the Book, Bibliographical Society Australia and New Zealand Conference

Convenor: Ian Morrison, TAHO

Venue: Hobart

29 November – 1 December

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy Conference

The conference will emphasise and enhance the Society’s existing strengths in showcasing socially engaged and responsible philosophy. A particular focus will be the role of feminist, postcolonial and ecological thought in transforming the key questions that drive philosophical inquiry.

Convenor/contact: Dr Hannah Stark

Past Events