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Creative Industries and Performing Arts Development

Artist's impression of CIPA

The University of Tasmania, along with the Commonwealth and Tasmanian governments, is embarking on a project which will underpin a vision for the state as a leader in the digital, creative and performing arts. This vision includes the construction of a major complex, co-located with Hobart's historic Theatre Royal.

The creative industries and performing arts development will be built on the 'Wapping 4' site adjoining Hobart's historic Theatre Royal. The target completion date for the project is semester 1, 2018.

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The notorious Shakespeare tavern revealed!

Parry Kostoglou led the archaeology at the building site, uncovering what was Hobart's most notorious venue.

microphone iconListen to Parry talking on 936 ABC Hobart.

Project Progress

Early works commenced on site on Monday 14 September 2015. The contract for the early works package, consisting of archaeological investigations, partial demolition of Hedberg Garage, site decontamination, excavations and decommissioning of site services, has been been let to Fairbrother Pty Ltd.

The Principal Consultant, Liminal Architecture, in association with WOHA has completed a draft schematic design for approval; once approved, design development will proceed.

The local consultant team, along with identified sub-consultants from ARUP, the University project team, stakeholders and partners have also engaged in study tours prior to the development of the schematic design to inform and shape the development.

Outcomes from the study tours as well as input from our key stakeholders, including the Theatre Royal and State Government, was  used by the Principal Consultant to determine the  return brief and subsequent schematic design.