Pro Vice-Chancellor Community, Partnerships & Regional Development

David Adams PVCPro Vice-Chancellor Professor David Adams

Engagement with community sits at the heart of what it is to be a university and our partnerships provide an essential foundation for this university to realise its social mission and commitment to community. Regardless of our position within the University we all contribute to engagement through our teaching, research and service to society. As an engaged university, we have focused our community partnerships on the University's social mission which seeks to achieve better educational outcomes and improve health and well-being outcomes for all Tasmanian's, and contribute to the economic prosperity of the state.

Our position as the sole university in the state brings both exceptional potential and obligation for leadership and engagement with the social, cultural and intellectual life on the island.  Meaningful relationships with external communities (local, national and global) are distributed across the University of Tasmania. The University's strategic plan, Open to Talent, identifies community as its third pillar, alongside research and teaching.  It aspires to a relationship with community, which is core to its role and responsibilities as a university.