Broadcasts and Podcasts

The University of Tasmania holds a statutory (Screenrights) licence allowing UTAS staff to copy and communicate free to air and subscription broadcast material (not pay per view or on demand services) for educational purposes. There are some licence conditions and these are discussed below.

How much can I copy or communicate?

You can copy or communicate as much or as little of a broadcast as you like. You can also make multiple copies. You can communicate copies of broadcasts electronically via email, or optical media (e.g. DVD-ROM)

How can I obtain broadcast material?

You can record broadcasts at home or at the University or anywhere else.

You can have the recording or copy of a broadcast made on your behalf however, the recording or copying must take place in Australia.

There are a number of off-air recording services available. Your Liaison Librarian can assist in placing requests for such material and make it available to students via the Library's collection.

Broadcasts recorded at other Australian educational institutions that hold a Screenrights licence can be re-copied and used at UTAS.

Can I copy and communicate podcasts?

You can copy or communicate free to air Australian broadcast content which is made freely available online (either after or at the same time as the broadcast) by the broadcaster.

Commercially released content

Broadcast content released commercially cannot be copied or communicated under the Screenrights licence. This includes for example TV and radio programs commercially released on DVD or via the internet. Please visit the Internet Content and Film and video web pages for more information.

Notices and Labelling

There is an electronic notice which must accompany certain communications made under the Screenrights licence.

Copies of broadcasts on analogue video tape must be labelled.