Copyright procedures for creating readers

To ensure that the University can meet its obligation under statutory licence for copying text and graphic materials staff must follow the procedures outlined below when creating course readers. Staff should become familiar with the limitations and conditions for copying and communication of copyright material outlined on the Copyright and Teaching web page BEFORE proceeding with the creation of readers. This will ensure that the reader is not returned for amendment due to copyright restrictions.

New or changed hard copy readers (course packs)

Collate the material for Uniprint

  1. Complete the Uniprint order form

  2. Complete the copyright declaration form, including the Uniprint order no.

  3. Send the material, Uniprint order form and the blue and pink copies of the declaration form to the Library (the address is on the bottom of the copyright declaration form.

Exact reprints of hard copy readers (Title page change only)

  1. Write the statement ‘Exact reprint of a previously approved reader’ on the copyright form.

  2. Send the order to Uniprint together with the pink copy of the copyright declaration form

  3. Send the blue copy of the declaration form to the Library.

Readers on CD ROM or DVD

  1. Complete the special copyright declaration form: CD-ROM Reader Dec form (PDF 33KB)

  2. Send the form and a copy of the CD/DVD to the Library.


If the CD/DVD does not contain a list of the contents please include one to accompany the declaration form.

Readers on CD/DVDs are required to have the Part VB notice (HTML 1KB) included either on the cover or as a viewable file on the CD/DVD.

Readers distributed through the distance education unit, Ltn

Send material to the Distance Education Unit together with the completed Uniprint order form and copyright declaration form. The DEU will send the material to the library for checking, and then the Library will forward it to Uniprint.