New or changed hard copy readers (course packs)

Process for new readers

Readers should continue to be ordered via the Library to ensure that a copyright form has been filled in and the appropriate copyright checks and approvals have been made by the Library.

  1. Send the hard copy or print-ready file for the reader to the Library along with a completed copyright form and a print order form – the Uniprint order form will suffice for the time being while we are in the transition process and minimise any stress around the change. The print order should specify the quantity of reference copies of readers required by the school/discipline in addition to the print quantity for sale to students. Please note that reference copies of readers and pre-press work, such as scanning of hard copy materials, will be charged to the budget centre ordering the reader.
  2. Once the Library has checked and approved the material for copyright, they’ll forward the material to CSD for organising printing and distribution of the reader.