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Graduate Certificate in Corporate Governance C5E

Distance Hobart


The Graduate Certificate in Corporate Governance aims to offer a chance to develop or upgrade skills in corporate governance. Specifically the course intends to identify challenges for company directors and managers in corporate governance, and develop critically evaluative skills as corporate governance evolves. 

The units will be offered using flexible learning methods and will embrace general corporate governance concerns in the evaluation of specific areas such as accountability, risk, sustainability and the regulatory environment. The intention is to provide graduates with the skills required to approach corporate governance issues in their work environments. These units will be taught by qualified staff with the appropriate knowledge and skills in each area. Delivery will incorporate educational technology in a flexible platform allowing students to undertake the course at their own pace, and in their own time and environment. Units may also incorporate optional face to face discussion seminars. All assessment will be continuous including the delivery of electronic assignments, and in some units, preparation of an online presentation.

This course is currently only available part time and is offered on a full fee paying basis.


Course Name Graduate Certificate in Corporate Governance
Course Abbreviation GradCertCorpGov
Course Duration 0.5 Years
Maximum time to complete (Part-time) 2 Years
Responsible Faculty Tasmanian School of Business & Economics (TSBE)



Location Semesters
Distance Hobart Semester 1, Semester 2


  • Completion of an undergraduate degree of an Australian higher education institution or the equivalent standard in any other approved institution; OR,
  • Five years of relevant professional experience; OR,
  • Admission on an alternative basis at the Dean's discretion.

If you've previously undertaken study overseas, please review our list of equivalent qualifications.

Please note: international students should refer to the General Admission Requirements page for information regarding entry requirements.

The Graduate Certificate of Corporate Governance requires the completion of 4 core units over a minimum of two (2) semesters.

These course rules and specifications apply to students who commenced the course in 2014. For students who commenced prior to 2014 the applicable course rules are those from the year of commencement: i.e. students who commenced in 2010 should refer to the 2010 Handbook

Course Structure


  • BFA528Current Developments in Governance and Accountability

    This unit will examine a selection of important current developments affecting governance and accountability of corporations and other entities. The developments to be examined will be drawn from the areas of corporate governance, risk management, corporate sustainability and the triple…

    Credit Points: 12.5


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  • BFA534Introduction to Corporate Governance

    The unit provides an understanding of the nature and development of corporate governance practices. This includes the principles, guidelines, recommendations and suggestions for good corporate governance and governance practices developed and promoted since the early 1990s. The unit examines how…

    Credit Points: 12.5


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  • BFA522Risk Management

    Risk Management of organisations is about minimising adversity and maximising the probability that business can continue to operate in periods of unavoidable adversity. This unit will provide an introduction to the principles and processes involved in risk management, and explore…

    Credit Points: 12.5


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  • Plus one of the following:
  • BFA525Public Sector Resource Management

    This unit deals with the management of a wide range of resources for which public sector managers are responsible, and provides skills not only in effective practices, but also in transparent reporting and compliance with government policies.…

    Credit Points: 12.5


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  • BFA527Corporate Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line

    Provides an introduction to the concept of economic, social and environmental (triple bottom line) reporting and performance from both a business and society perspective. The unit looks at the link between triple bottom line (TBL) reporting and the concept of…

    Credit Points: 12.5


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  • Annual Course Cost

    Fees for domestic students are based on individual unit selections. Please refer to the fees section of each unit description to work out an indicative annual cost.

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