Courses & Units

Course rules for F2W Diploma of Music


1. Candidates for the award of Diploma of Music shall be qualified for entry in accordance with the provisions of the University's Rules of Admission.

2. Applicants for admission to the award wishing to take music performance (solo and/or ensemble units) music composition or music technology units are required to take an audition and/or interview. Factors considered for acceptance into the degree will include:

* the applicant's current ability and aptitude for music study as demonstrated during audition and personal interview, presentation of supporting materials, and performance in any extra tests deemed by the Conservatorium to be necessary

* their educational qualifications (such as TCE or equivalent) and other relevant experience. TCE Music is considered desirable. Where an applicant is unable to attend for audition, the Conservatorium will require the applicant to submit a certified audio recording (CD or DVD) and other supporting materials as necessary.

3. Candidates for the award shall complete the degree requirements, as hereinafter prescribed, in not less than three years of part-time study and not more than seven years, from the time of first enrolment.

Course Structure

4. To qualify for the award, the candidate shall pass a total of 100% comprising:

* minimum 25% of level 100 study, maximum 100%

* maximum 50% of level 200 study

* maximum 50% level 300 study

5. The units that may be included in a course for the award shall, unless otherwise approved by the Dean, be in accordance with Schedule accompanying these specifications.

6. Units may be counted towards the award only if they have been taken in accordance with prerequisites determined by the College of Arts and Law ("Faculty") and as summarised in accompanying Schedule.

7. A candidate normally may not enrol in any year in units totalling more than 100% weighting (8 units), or if the candidate is in full-time employment during any given Semester, more than 50% (4 units) weighting for the year.

8. Where two or more units of the same name or content are offered within the University, only one may be counted towards the award.

9. In every case the candidate's choice of units and the order in which they are taken shall be subject to approval by the Dean in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 5.

Credit for Previous Studies

10. Passes in subjects or units in other courses (completed or otherwise) in this University or another approved tertiary institution (or other approved professional examining body) may be credited towards the award, provided that the Faculty may specify what more a candidate so credited shall be required to do to qualify for the award. It is not normal practice to grant credit for Music units unless they have been taken as part of an accredited degree program.


1. The Faculty may from time to time make amendments to the Schedules to these specifications.

12. These specifications shall take effect on July 2012 and shall apply to all candidates for the award, including those enrolling for the first time in that year and those enrolled subsequently.

13. The approved abbreviation for the degree of Diploma of Music shall be DipMus