Courses & Units

Course rules for R4A Bachelor of Arts (Honours)


1The Faculty of Arts (hereinafter called the Faculty) may accept as a candidate for the award of Bachelor of Arts with Honours a person who
 [i]has qualified for admission to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, or another approved bachelor degree, in this University or another approved tertiary institution; or has qualified for admission to a fourth year honours course in another university approved by the Faculty for this purpose; and
 [ii]has been accepted by the Faculty as having reached, in the course for the degree referred to in (i) above, a standard of proficiency at least equal to a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.0 in the 200 and 300 level units forming a major in the proposed Honours discipline of study. The GPA is calculated using the following equivalences: HD=7, DN=6, CR=5, PP/FP=4, Without any failure in the units that makes up that GPA. OR
 [iii]has been approved by Faculty as having an appropriate alternative background.

Course structure

2Candidates for the degree shall pursue
 [i]a single course of study in one honours discipline, or
 [ii]a joint course of study in two honours disciplines.
3A single or a joint course of study shall require the equivalent of one full year's work and shall be completed in one year from the time the candidate enrols for the course,
 provided that:
 (a)the Faculty, on the recommendation of the school or schools concerned, may permit a candidate to study the course on a part-time basis over a period not exceeding three consecutive years.
 (b)the Faculty may allow a candidate whose work has been interrupted by illness or other unavoidable cause to complete the course over a period exceeding one year or, in the case of a part-time candidate as defined in (a) above, over a period exceeding three years.
 (c)where a thesis is required as part of an honours examination, the head of the school or program director, concerned may recommend that a candidate be granted an extension of time to submit the thesis. Any cases so approved by the dean or the dean's delegate shall be reported to the next meeting of the degree board.
4The disciplines which may be studied as single honours courses shall be those listed in the Schedule. Unless exempted from this requirement by the Faculty, a candidate may not enrol in a course listed in the Schedule unless the corresponding prerequisites have been obtained.
5Joint honours courses shall consist of such combinations of the disciplines listed in the Schedule as the Faculty may from time to time approve. A candidate may not enrol in a joint honours course unless permitted to do so by the Faculty on the recommendation of the relevant head(/s) of school or program director. Candidates must have either obtained the prerequisites prescribed in the Schedule for both the proposed disciplines or otherwise satisfied the Faculty on the recommendation of the relevant head(/s) of school, that they are sufficiently qualified to undertake the joint course.
6Candidates shall undertake a program comprising a number of coursework units plus a research thesis as prescribed for the discipline(/s) in which they are enrolled.
7Except by special permission of the Faculty, there shall be no re-examination for honours in any one discipline.
8The classes of honours shall be first class, second class, and third class. There shall be an upper and lower division in the second class.
9A candidate who has obtained honours in one course may proceed to honours in another course provided that the candidate undertakes a further year's work and otherwise complies with these rules, and provided that the discipline or disciplines which make up the earlier course are not included in the later course.

Credit for Previous Studies

10A person holding an award from this University or another approved tertiary institution may be permitted by the Faculty to count towards the degree units from the former award in accordance with policies in force at the time of admission.


11The Faculty may from time to time make amendments to the Schedule to these Specifications.
12These Specifications shall take effect from June 2013 and shall apply to all candidates for the degree, including those enrolling for the first time in that year and those enrolled subsequently.
13The approved abbreviation for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours shall be BA(Hons).