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Course rules for A3A Bachelor of Arts

Course Specification

Single Bachelor degrees

1. These Specifications shall take effect on 1 January 2019 and shall apply to all candidates enrolled in single Bachelor degrees with Honours under the Degrees of Difference framework.

2. Candidates for the Bachelor with Honours shall be admitted in accordance with Rule 6 Admission Assessment and Student Progress.

[i].   For entry into the Research pathway in the fourth year of study, candidates will have completed the first three years of Bachelor of Arts degree successfully, and have reached a standard of proficiency of a weighted average of 70% or higher, in the 200 and 300 level units forming a major in the proposed Research pathway Honours discipline of study.

[ii]  For Classics discipline candidates the successful completion of one 12.5 credit point unit in either Latin or Ancient Greek language study; and for English discipline candidates the successful completion of a 12.5 credit point unit, HEN301 Literary Theory unit, or equivalent

Candidates for the degrees shall complete the degree requirements in not more than the degree maximum, which will be twice the course length and one additional year. The maximum completion time will be calculated from the commencement of the first unit which is passed and which counts towards the degree requirements.  However, once the student has commenced the Honours year (i.e. level 400 study), that study shall be the equivalent of one full year's work and shall be completed in one year, provided that:

(a)   the College, on the recommendation of the school or schools concerned, may permit a candidate to study the Honours year (i.e. level 400 study) on a part-time basis over a period not exceeding two consecutive years.

(b)   the College may allow a candidate whose work has been interrupted by illness or other unavoidable cause to complete the Honours year (i.e. level 400 study) over a period exceeding one year or, in the case of a part-time candidate as defined in (a) above, over a period exceeding two years. In this case, the total period for the 400-level study shall not normally exceed three years.

(c)   where a thesis is required as part of an honours examination, the head of the school or program director, concerned may recommend that a candidate be granted an extension of time to submit the thesis. Any cases so approved by the dean or the dean's delegate shall be reported to the next meeting of the degree board.

3. Degree requirements

3.1 Degree elements

The Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA(Hons)) will comprise:

a. a minimum of 24 units (300 credit points) or equivalent for the bachelor-level qualification (AQF Level 7), where a standard unit measure is 12.5 credit points.

b. and an honours-level year of study (AQF Level 8) that: - is defined as 100 credit points with a minimum of 50% research or project component - allows a specialisation in honours – applied, professional, research

c. The units which may be included in the AQF Level 7 degree shall, unless otherwise approved by the Dean, be in accordance with the approved Schedules accompanying these Specifications and will at a minimum include:

- Degree Core Knowledge: 8 units (100 credit points), that includes:

  • 2 breadth units (25 credit points),
  • 1 minor, 4 units (50 credit points) in a second Humanities or Social Science discipline area, comprised of 2 introductory and 2 intermediate units,
  • 2 discipline units (25cp) chosen from a list in the BA(Hons) schedule

- Disciplinary Outcomes: minimum requirement of one disciplinary major in the AQF 7 component of the degree.  The disciplinary major is 8 units (100 credit points), comprised of 2 introductory, 2 intermediate and 4 advanced units

- Experience and Engagement units: 8 units (100 credit points) of student electives, chosen from the Bachelor of Arts schedule unit offerings or from another Bachelor degree offered by the University.

NB: Breadth Units: a minimum of 2 units (25 credit points) In the BA(Hons), unless otherwise undertaken as part of the discipline major or degree core knowledge minor, the two breadth unit requirements are requirement is completed as degree core knowledge units

d. Explicitly address the requirements of the University Graduate Statement within the AQF Level 7 component of the degree.

4. Enrolment conditions

4.1 Enrolment in all units will be in accordance with requisites determined by the relevant College, Faculty or Institute.

4.2 When two or more units of the same name or content are offered within the University, only one may be counted towards the degree.

5. Award Eligibility

Students will be permitted to graduate with the bachelor-level (AQF 7) qualification where relevant. Students will be permitted to graduate with the associate degree-level (AQF 6) qualification where relevant

6. Enrolment exemption ‐ credit for previous studies

Passes in units in other incomplete courses in this University or another approved tertiary institution (or other approved professional examining body) may be credited towards the degree and a course plan developed to detail the units required by the student to qualify for the degree. The maximum credit granted will be in accordance with the limits as stated in with Rule 6 Admission Assessment and Student Progress.

7. Transition

Students who have passed units towards degrees under the previous Specifications will be entitled to transfer to the degrees under these Specifications with full equivalent credit. The transition for continuing students to these Specifications will be managed to ensure that students are not disadvantaged.