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Education & Teaching (2015)

The University of Tasmania is committed to creating and passing on the knowledge that leads to discovery, innovation and progress. Teaching plays a key role in this ambition by improving the educational outcomes and life aspirations of students.

Education and schooling are such an essential part of today’s society. So the role and commitment of teachers has never been more important. Teaching itself is changing. Flexible, technology-led study options also attract a different teaching style and range of teacher skills.

To be a registered teacher in Australia, you need to have passed a teacher qualification course, and will need different requirements for primary, secondary and adult/applied learning environments. The University of Tasmania (UTAS) provides both pre-service and in-service degree studies for aspiring or current teachers and has over 100 years’ experience in teacher training.

Our focus of face-to-face teacher preparation (undergraduate) occurs in Launceston. We also offer our postgraduate degree face-to-face in Hobart (MTeach). We offer a full undergraduate Bachelor of Education Primary and Early Childhood course at the Cradle Coast campus in Burnie.

There is also a full offering of courses online. Teacher education and the professional development of teachers are a strong focus for research at our University. We also have a history of achieving excellence in the research area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) which are key learning areas of focus in education.

Jackie's favourite thing about teaching is when you see the student click. The skill that you have just taught that student is going to stay with them for the rest of their life. For Jackie teaching isn't just about giving lessons, it's also about having fun.

Why study Education & Teaching (2015)?

Education and Teaching students tend to have wide interests and very personal passions.

The common link they all share is an underlying desire to be a positive influence on their students’ lives and their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Very often inquisitive and attentive, many of our graduates are attracted to teaching’s collaborative and collegiate environment and the central role teachers play in a community.

You will need a reasoned and critical perspective. You also need to be personally resilient and committed to your own lifelong learning and education. During the course, you’ll develop the ability to focus on planning and establishing a positive and supportive learning environment. You’ll also learn effective communication, student learning, motivation and engagement.

Our wide range of Education and Teaching degrees provide a broad spread of experiences and workplace competencies. Specialist studies can focus your career even more.

Career profile

From science to teaching
Coleen Cole always wanted to be a teacher. Now she's working on making that dream come true.

Coleen Cole

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Career Options

  • Coaching
  • Childcare Centre management
  • Communications
  • Early childhood teacher
  • Health and Physical Education teacher (primary or secondary)
  • Industry training roles
  • Online teaching
  • Personal trainer
  • Primary teacher (Public or Private)
  • Secondary teacher (Public or Private)
  • Sport and recreation leadership
  • TAFE/Applied learning teacher
  • Teacher’s aide
  • Training roles (e.g. Defence, emergency and law enforcement)
  • Wilderness adventure leader

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