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Journalism, Media & Communications (2015)

Media are central to contemporary life.

Studying Media at the University of Tasmania gives you access to a range of exciting and still emerging careers in film, television, journalism, radio, marketing and advertising, strategic communications, media research and events management.

With contemporary equipment, facilities and leading academics and industry practitioners who understand the importance of both making and analysing media, The Media School will be the first of its kind in Australia when it opens in early 2017.

Our partners include Australia’s most significant media and creative institutions including MONA, AFTRS, Fairfax, News Corp and the ABC. You will have the opportunity to work with their staff and contribute to the current and future media and screen industries.

You will be a part of Tasmania’s creative community fuelled by internationally renowned museums, galleries, media and screen productions and events.

Supervised by academics and expert technical staff, you will leave with a portfolio of work to take to industry, and the confidence that comes from completing internships in local, national and overseas settings.

The Media School provides prestigious and fully credited study and internship opportunities through its international partners in Asia, Europe and the United States. Many of these exchanges, double degree and fieldtrip opportunities are fully funded.

Alongside our new Bachelor of Media and Bachelor of Media with Honours courses, both of which include a full minor that can be dedicated to your own media and screen practice, we offer a range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. All of these are tailored to suit your interests, and our staff will work with you to ensure you are achieving your goals.

Whether you want to reveal the latest developments in science, sport or health, produce documentaries for screen and radio, support communities and businesses during periods of crisis and change, or report the news locally or from around the world, we can help you develop the right skills.

"While I was at UTAS I was able to do an internship which gave me some really good experiences at the ABC…I run into UTAS graduates all the time throughout my course of work."

Why study Media?

We are surrounded by stories. They are a powerful means for communicating ideas. Media professionals use stories as vessels for information, to create emotional and political connections, to form cultural identities, and to prompt social and environmental change.

Challenge understandings of the world, our communities, and ourselves through your lens.

Be a filmmaker. Reveal the latest innovations in music, sport, fashion, technology or health as a website or publications editor. Tell the story of the world’s iconic brands or launch an innovative product using games and video on social media in advertising. Support local communities or nations in times of transformation or crisis, bringing their stories to television or radio.

The Bachelor of Media and Bachelor of Media with Honours give you access to a wide range of ever changing media-related fields. You will gain the context and experience to shape not only stories with impact, but the entire future of the industry.

Career profile

Karl, from Hobart, now lives in London where he writes the Guardian's weekly Eco Audit. He has corresponded from London for AAP, Guardian Australia, Fairfax and News Limited, as well as contributing to magazines in the UK and Australia.

Karl Mathiesen

Environmental Journalist
Masters in Journalism, Media and Communications, University of Tasmania

Read Karl's work at The Guardian

Career Options

  • Advertising creative director
  • Art director and copywriter
  • Announcer, broadcaster, presenter
  • Author
  • Campaigner and campaign manager
  • Documentary maker/producer
  • Editor
  • Events manager
  • Film production crew
  • Media and market researcher
  • Media adviser
  • News producer
  • Public relations consultant
  • Publishing
  • Photojournalism
  • Political and policy adviser and analyst
  • Science communicator
  • Screen and media entrepreneur
  • Social media content creator
  • Sports writer and presenter
  • Teacher
  • Travel writer or travel book editor