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Art, Music, Theatre (2015)

Our courses encourage students to develop their practice through specialisation as well as experimentation. They foster opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, explore new technologies and provide opportunities to engage with artists, institutions and festivals of national and international significance.

To study the creative arts at the University of Tasmania is to surround yourself with energetic and passionate people, led by engaged and approachable experts. Using a studio-specific approach designed to encourage individual creativity, the collegiate environment fosters critical thinking and professional practice through a commitment to enthusiasm and excellence in teaching.

We trace our leadership of Tasmania’s cultural and economic development back to 1884 via the Conservatorium of Music and the original School of Art. Today, our Arts specialisms continue to have a major cultural impact across the State.

Theatre and Art are prominent at the Inveresk Cultural Precinct, Launceston, while Art and Music, together with Visual Communication and Audio, take centre-stage in Hobart.

Our outstanding facilities provide you with a supportive environment, highly qualified and experienced teaching staff, strong links to industry and community, and plenty of opportunity to engage with visiting artists, institutions and festivals of national and international significance.

Tasmanian College of the Arts is proud to offer the most significant and long-standing creative arts research programs in the country.

Image credit: Jason James, Angry Electrons.

"Tasmania’s incredible arts culture is driven by an active community of artists, designers, musicians and performers. World-class museums and concert halls, leading theatres cutting edge contemporary art galleries and internationally renowned festivals make an inspiring backdrop to launch or foster an arts career."

Why study Art, Music, Theatre (2015)?

Artists learn through making, whatever their preferred method of expression. At the University of Tasmania they also gain a deeper theoretical and professional understanding of their discipline.

A life in the creative and performing arts is often more a calling than a career. As a result, our courses are filled with dedicated, passionate, and motivated students working with us to develop their talent, practice and creative intelligence.

Whether practical, conceptual or theoretical our students develop the skills, experience and proficiency necessary to work and succeed within their chosen artistic profession.

The creative arts includes studies in fine arts, visual arts, music, theatre, design and visual communication.

Career profile

An artistic life.
A passion for creativity and a Fine Arts degree have given Rebecca Birrell the tools to live out her dream career.

Rebecca Birrell

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Career Options

  • Music
  • Museums and galleries
  • Performing arts
  • Publishing and graphic design
  • Theatre
  • Visual arts

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