Remanence | Ten Days on the Island


Tasmanian College of the Arts and TEN DAYS ON THE ISLAND exhibition

Start Date

17th Mar 2017 10:00am

End Date

26th Mar 2017 4:00pm


Domain House, Aberdeen Street, Glebe

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Curated by Noel Frankham, Svenja Kratz, Zoe Veness, and Kit Wise as part of TEN DAYS ON THE ISLAND

The exhibition, Remanence, draws together Tasmanian artists working across a range of media, including: installation, video, sound, painting, jewellery and objects, and sculpture. Motivated by the 50th anniversary the 1967 Black Tuesday bush fires in south-east Tasmania, the artists respond to and represent fire: its power to destroy, transform and rejuvenate.

Artworks work respond to how fire has shaped the landscape and affected the psyche of the people that occupy this land. The title, Remanence, creates links to continuance and remains, but also references the scientific meaning of the term and the concept of residual magnetism and invisible forces that linger long after an initial object or event.


Max Angus, Philip Blacklow, Lucy Bleach, Paul Boam, Neil Haddon, Dorita Hannah and Sean Coyle, Gay Hawkes, Kit Hiller, Jan Hogan, Bill Hart and Joe Shrimpton, Rob Long, Zoe Veness, Martin Walch and Kit Wise.


Domain House, Aberdeen Street, Glebe (venue details)
Friday 17 – Sunday 26 March
Open daily, 10am – 4pm



Saturday 18 March, 2pm – 3pm, Domain House

Presented by the University of Tasmania.

Image: Neil Haddon, The First Time (Castra), 2014, enamel paint and clear coat on aluminium. Courtesy of the artist, Bett Gallery and This Is No Fantasy.