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General Unit Information


Unit Code

PFDxxx [give first three alpha characters. Student Administration will assign last three numeric characters]

Unit Level

Undergraduate must be Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced
Postgraduate 500, 600 or 700

Unit Title (Must not exceed 60 characters)

John Gower and His Contemporaries [Please use lower case]

Default Unit Weight

select one of 0, 12.5, 25, 50 or 100%



Unit Details should appear in Handbook

Should the details of this unit appear in printed publications and on the web. The default is yes.

Field of Education code

A comprehensive list of DEST FOE codes and the 2010 Funding Clusters is available on the Course and Unit website.

Will any units be deleted as a result of introducing this unit? If yes how many?

Note: This form is not to be used to advise of deletions of units from the USRS. That advice must be forwar ded to Student Administration separately.


Unit Delivery Information



Enter relevant campus - Note a discrete entry must be made for each campus the unit is offered on.


(A)ttending, (D)istance. Code required by DEST.


Enter all relevant semesters for this offering of the unit.

Download a full copy of the Flexible Delivery Definitions here

Online Component

Select one of
0 None
1 Web Supported
2 Web Dependant
3 Fully Online

Resource based T&L

Select one of
0 None
1 Resource supported
2 Resource dependant


Is the unit taught via videoconference Yes/No?

Flexible Scheduling

Face-to-face classes are held outside normal University teaching times Yes/No?

Workplace learning

Does the unit involve workplace learning Yes/No?


Internationalisation - (Currently Under Review Jan 2010)


Includes specific international contexts/case studies

  • unit includes detailed and extensive international content, examples and/or case studies relating to more than one country
  • unit content includes investigation and application of discipline or professional practices in other cultures.

Includes international cross-cultural issues/skills

  • study in the unit develops an understanding of cross-cultural issues
  • unit contributes to the development of cross-cultural communication skills or other skills needed in different cultural contexts.


Unit Requisites


Univestiy Prerequisites

LIT100[generally speaking, the unit code alone is listed, but where it is needed to avoid ambiguity, give also the unit title. If there is no prerequisite, write 'nil']

University Corequisites

As above

Mutual Exclusions

As above


Handbook Entry


Unit description

For students who intend to pursue medieval studies at honours level and beyond, the study of John Gower and his contemporaries provides a solid foundation for the study of late fourteenth and early fifteenth century English literature. The unit includes a study of Gower's English, French and Latin works and their audiences; a comparative study of the ways in which Gower and his contemporary Geoffrey Chaucer use their sources, and a detailed study of grammatical, metrical and lexicographical conventions of the period. Students would find the study of HIS223, English History 1305-1450, very useful.

[include purposes and goals of unit, summary of curriculum to be covered and relationship to other programs/units if appropriate. Maximum of 125 words. Avoid mere 'shopping lists' of topics covered.]

Special notes

Restricted to BA students. Not offered in 2001

[avoid using the word 'only']

Teaching staff

Dr A Seaton, Ms PO Duggan.

[Give names of all lecturers responsible for teaching the unit. If the staff member is also the unit or course coordinator, the word '(Coordinator)' should appear after the lecturer's name. e.g. Mr AB Citizen (Coordinator); Dr GJW Smith [no full stops after and no spaces between initials please]]

Teaching pattern

Full year - 2x1 - hr lectures, 1-hr tutorial weekly (28 weeks).

[Including semester taught and mode of teaching][if the unit is taught over two semesters, use the phrase 'full year'; if a one semester unit is taught in both semesters with the student having to study the unit in either the first or second semester, use the phrase 'sem 1/2; in other cases use the phrase 'sem 1' or 'sem 2' as appropriate. For a unit taught in the summer vacation or at a summer School, use 'sem 3’.]


tutorials (10%), 2,500-word essay (30%), 2-hr exam (60%)


Medieval Studies (LIT), European Literatures (HEL)

[This field applies to Bachelor of Arts degree course only]


Work Experience/Enabling/foundation Unit

If the following information IS true then enter ‘Yes’. May be left blank. The assumed default value is ‘No’.


Work experience PLACEMENT

Is the unit a fully work experience placement unit. Yes/No.

Enabling Unit

Is the unit an Enabling unit? Yes/No

Foundation Unit

Is the unit a Foundation unit? Yes/No

On completion of the Request for New Unit form submit it to your Faculty Executive Officer for approval by your Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee.