Curriculum and Quality

Consequences of Academic Dishonesty

While studying at University you are expected to submit work that is your own. This does not mean that you can't use other people's ideas to support your own or to enhance your argument. What it does mean is that you are required by the University to acknowledge the source of those ideas as in-text references in your assignments and the setting out of a list of references or a bibliography at the end of your assignment, acknowledging all sources utilised.

The academic tradition, on which Australian universities are founded, expects that all scholarly efforts undertaken be done so in keeping with the rules of attribution. This means that all material that is submitted or presented for assessment, that contains work other than your own, must be attributed to its source.

Failure to do so constitutes academic dishonesty (plagiarism). It is important that students understand how to correctly refer to the work of others and maintain academic integrity.

Please carefully read the University's Statement on Plagiarism and Academic Integrity. Should you require clarification please see your unit coordinator or lecturer.

When in doubt, seek assistance.