Curriculum and Quality

Course and Unit Management

The University is committed to ensuring that its courses and units remain relevant, current and provide students with a high quality learning experience. A robust, sustainable quality management system is integral to maintenance of the quality of the University's courses and units.

Course and Unit Management is approached through the lens of a whole of life cycle approach, which encompasses design and development, approval, amendment, interim performance monitoring and review.

Academic Senate is responsible for advising Council and the Vice-Chancellor on academic matters, including providing advice on means of achieving and maintaining excellence in academic activities. Academic Senate delegates operational responsibility, as it pertains to course and unit management to its sub-committees, whilst retaining overall approval delegation.

Due to the implementation of several new initiatives at the University, the full policy and procedure suite pertaining to course and unit management is currently being revised. This is a staged process which will see governance instruments and resources for staff incrementally updated.

The currently available resources relating to course and unit management are listed below:

New Course and Unit Proposals and Amendments

Unit Report Form

Annual Course Report Form

Faculty Summary Report on Quality Assurance Form

Comprehensive Course Review Panel - Terms of Reference

Statement of Roles and Responsibilities for Course Coordinators

Statement of Roles and Responsibilities for Unit Coordinators

Advice on Course and Unit design and development on the Teaching and Learning website.

Unit Review Triggers

Unit Review Form