Curriculum and Quality

External Referencing

External referencing is an important element of the quality assurance and quality enhancement activities of the University and is a required activity to meet the Higher Education Standards.

For example, learning outcomes should be benchmarked with national and international comparators; comprehensive course reviews need to include regular external referencing against comparable courses of study [progression, attrition, completion] and assessment methods and grading.

The range of external referencing processes is complex, and the processes occur at different levels and in different areas of the University

A Framework for External Referencing describes external referencing across the scope of University activities. This framework outlines the six categories of external referencing: desktop audits; referencing against standards; data comparison; external peer review (unit level); external peer review (course level); and benchmarking.

The Peer Review Portal is a support mechanism for external referencing which supports, connects and advances peer review. See