Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Dracophyllum (Ericaceae) 2:461


D. minimum

D.  milliganii 

The two native Tasmanian species of Dracophyllum are extremely different in habit. One (D. minimum) is a cushion plant with solitary flowers. The fruit are slightly woody capsules opening by 5 valves. The other (D. milliganii) is a shrub with flowers in long, terminal panicles. Most individuals of this species are alpine plants with stems 5-20 cm high and leaves about 20cm long. However some rainforest populations are up to 4 m tall, with leaves about 1-1.5 m long. These populations may be described as a new species, and to the uninitiated may be confused with Richea pandanifolia.

Key to species 
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